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Digital Marketing Blog

Say hello to all things digital marketing. Check out my helpful guides, articles, tips and tricks and how-to’s. As this section builds you’ll find tons of resources to help you plan your marketing strategy, learn how to write great content and best practices to help your brand grow.

3 Steps to Drastically Increasing Brand Awareness & recognition

3 Steps to Drastically Increasing Your Brand Awareness

Brand awareness and recognition is essential to establishing yourself as an authority in your industry. You can drastically increase your brand awareness with 3 small changes to your strategy.

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Setting Up Your WordPress Blog: 6 Easy Steps

Setting up a WordPress Blog can seem daunting. This helpful guide talks you through the initial set up – in 6 easy steps.

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marketing during coronavirus dos and don'ts

Marketing During COVID-19: What You Should Be Doing

A lot of businesses want to carry on as normal. Read about why it won’t work and the type of marketing you should actually be doing right now.

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Minimising the Impact of COPPA on your Youtube Channel

We’ve had 2 months now to see the impact of COPPA, and it appears many children’s channels were right to be concerned.

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